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Each year, Adam Og Eva send a few lucky stylists to London, for the Annual Salon International convention in October. All the greats in the industry are there showing the 'average joe' what the newest trends are within hair color, cutting, styling, and of course fashion.

This year Eirik/Grensen, Anne Lise/Gamlebyen and Sigrid/Grensen were in London on behalf of all of us. When they returned to Oslo, they put on an amazing show, packed with fantastic colors, ranging from bright yellow, to dark blacks enriched with greens and blues, (inspired by an oil slick). Deep purples were also to be seen as well as rich reds. Texture was a big element in this years hair trends, moving ever slowly away from sharp lines, however, the lines are still there, just slightly diffused.

Prior to show start, Tonje and I arrived early to watch the new collections from Saco, Sassoon, and Toni and Guy. (click on the links to have a peek at the new collectins) To our surprise we were the only ones within the entire company who could make it to the collection screenings, which was ok with us, it meant we were free to discuss what we were watching without disturbing others! Score! Later on the rest of the Bislett crew could be seen in the front row, ready to be inspired, along with all of the other Adam og Eva Family!

A big big thanks to Anne Lise, Eirik, Sigrid and to all of the crew who worked behind the scenes. It truly was a fantastic show.


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