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Berit Torkildsen


Freshen Up Your Grey?

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 2. Okt 2014

My mum has 'always' been blonde, although in recent years I think the highlights she has had to have to maintain her blonde locks could disprove that she is 'naturally' blonde! Like everyone else, when you age, (whether young or old), your hair changes colour, usually gets darker, then lighter. My mum is now at a point where she has lots of different shades of grey and white, which I personally find to be beautiful in its own right. However, after a long summer full of sunshine, her hair had gone very light, with a brassy tone in her lengths. I decided to take her hair color down a notch, something that could be preceived as her natural hair color.

Color Camo by Redken is marketed as a 'mens' hair color. (mainly because most woman prefer to colour their greys completely) It has been developed for those who wish to keep their white/grey hair at bay while maintaining a natural look. It takes a mere five minutes to process, no longer than a normal shampoo session. 

So if you are in doubt as to what to do with your color after a long summer in the sun, perhaps a quick Color Camo is for you...

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