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Berit Torkildsen


Mods vs Rockers 50th Anniversary

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 11. Sep 2014

Our holiday this summer was spent on the tropical Isle of Wight, it was lovely and warm, not exactly what you would expect of 'rainy ol' England.' However, despite the amazing Garlic Festival, the highlight of our trip for me, was definitely our trip to the seaside town of Brighton. 

The weekend we were there marked the 50th Anniversary of the clash between the Mods and the Rockers. It was August Bank Holiday Weekend, and the town was full of mods and rockers coming down to the seafront. I have never seen so many Mods in my life! I coined a new term, 'modwatching'. I couldn't get enough of their sharp fashion, hair-dos and of course their decked out scooters!

I have always admired the texturized cuts of the British Mod, and so I present to you my current inspiration: The Mod.

 I had to buy myself a pair of brogues of course

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