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Festival Hair

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 9. Aug 2014

Festival Hair is always talked about at the start of any summer. Wavy long, bohemian looks are inevitably in the forefront of the every summer trend, and I am over it. What about the women out there who choose to have short(er) hair? Surely we deserve a bit inspiration for our hair too? Last time I checked, I too want to look my best when out in the sun. 

I have worked through most of this years summer, so now it is my turn to enjoy having time off and soaking up some rays. (Although I don't need too much, I prefer my skin one shade darker than blue!) This time next week, my husband and our three year old will be on the Isle of Wight at the 27th Annual Garlic Festival! Kevin and I are avid garlic lovers, Sean Darby on the other hand needs a bit of persuasion. However I am sure garlic ice cream will go down a treat with him! 

So here are a few pictures of short hair festival looks for those of you still enjoying time off during these warm summer days! And a few from the Isle of Wight just because...


The Garlic Farm Website

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