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Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 14. Apr 2014

In the wake of my favourite football team, (Liverpool FC) winning a MASSIVE game yesterday, I couldn't help but see what people are getting up to Merseyside.

Besides Liverpool FC closing in for the League Title, thousands of ladies attended the Grand National Ladies Day at the Aintree Races. What I love about the Brits is their love of hats and fascinators! There are so many, everything from the elegant to downright ridiculous. But they don't care, they still flaunt their stuff like they are on the Red Carpet at a Hollywood Premiere! I wore a fascinator for my wedding, and everyone loved it, homemade and all. Perhaps I should bring the style to Oslo?

I also found some great shots of regular gals on the streets of Liverpool. I admire catwalk designs as much as the next, however most of the time, I believe that fashion is on the streets, it's what YOU make of it. There are no rules, stripes and flowers together? Why yes! Why not!?

Next time you are headed to London for a shopping spree, think again. There is a secret gem in Liverpool. Streets upon streets filled with shops, and when I was there, I felt it was the perfect size for me not to feel overwhelmed. Don't get me wrong, I love London, but Liverpool just has something it doesn't. Check out Liverpool 1, it's massive! So many shops, restaurants, you name it. And from Oslo you are there in under 2 hours!  


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