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Kate Bush

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 31. Mar 2014

I was overwhelmed with joy when Kate Bush announced she would be performing live for the first time in 35 years. Fifteen dates at the Apollo in London....surely I would get a ticket? When the pre-sale tickets sold out in 30 minutes, she added even more dates . Between August 26 - October 1, thousands of lucky fans will see the lengend that is Kate Bush, sing all of their favourites live. I attempted to grab two tickets on Friday when the official sales started at 9.30....I had my hands on two tickets, but at 850 pounds, I couldn't go ahead with it.

When I saw this article, I had to laugh, as I can sooo relate to it. It is the ' No Kate Bush ticket scale of sadness...'

1) Quite Sad 2) Pretty Sad 3) Definitely Sad 4) Really Sad 5) Very Sad 6) Devastated....

I am pretty sure I fall under number 6.....however bookies in England are predicting that she will tour, so perhaps I should stop being so dramatic. 

So to Cheer me up, I found Noel Fielding's Wuthering Heights....


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