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Gareth Pugh

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 27. Mar 2014

Once I started researching individuals who inspire me, I found that many of them were linked to eachother by fashion designer Gareth Pugh. He, like many of the greats, studied at Central Saint Martins in London and made his solo debut at London's Fashion week in the fall of 2006.

At the young age of 33, he has worked with many big names in the business. Daphne Guinness, Kylie Minogue, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and my favourite, Roisin Murphy, just to name a few. Roisin dares to wear his avant garde creations, and names him as her favourite designer. I admire her for her courage to wear his clothing ,head held high. I wish there were more individuals out there who did. Without people like the aforementioned who support artists like Gareth, I dare to think what bland and colourless world we would live in.....

So here are a few images of some favourite celebrities wearing Gareth's creations. I am pretty sure you will have seen them before, but now you know the face behind the magicial pieces.


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