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Beauty in the abnormal.

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 7. Mar 2014

For those close to me, it comes as no shock when I say I am an amputee. Quite proud of it in fact. My husband calls me his Spiderwoman, Our tiny apartment is is full of prosthetic limbs, most of them alarmingly realistic. The need for a limb that looks 'normal' has been a priority when making a new leg.

Rune Nilsen at Sophie's Minde Ortopedi has long been my main 'leg' man, and with the help of some skilled artist's at Dorset Orthopaedic, I have some pretty amazing legs. That being said, perhaps having a prosthetic that looks real is old news?

Viktoria Modesta seems to think so. With the help of Sophie de Oliveira Barata at the Alternative Limb Project, she has created extraordinary prosthetics. If People are going to stare, why not give them something unique to look at?

So all I have to say is, watch this never know, when I want something, I usually get my way...

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