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Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 5. Mar 2014

For those who know me, can testify to the fact that music is beyond important to me. Next to my family, it is what inspires me, lifts me up when I am down, or perhaps keeps me low when I want to be there.

My colleague Solveig is the same. She is a festival junkie and goes to any concert she can. She recently saw Ine Hoem play at by:Larm, a festival dedicated to artists on the verge of success here in Norway or Internationally. Put it to you lightly, what she saw, she liked, and upon coming back to the salon a few days later, she put Ine's music on Spotify for all of us to hear.

To my delight, I loved it. More than loved it. My toes were tapping, arms swaying...(which isn't perhaps the best thing to do whilst you are trying to do someone's hair) nonetheless it was great. Here is the irony, Ine is my third cousin. Am I biased because of our familiar ties? No. We have never met. Her brother and father I know well, but our lives have yet to cross. I hope we do someday.

Until then, I shall listen to her voice and enjoy the positive energy that her fills her music.

Check her out at by:Larm's page why don't you?

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