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Horst Rechelbacher 1941-2014

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 16. Feb 2014

The man who changed my life as a stylist has left his shell to cancer. If you don´t know who he is, he founded Aveda in 1978.

Horst wasn´t just another founder of a beauty line. He was an environmentalist, author, creative artist, and leder who would go on to change the way the beauty industry looked and worked through his commitment to the development of sustainable, and eco-friendly consumer products.

Horst was the first to sign the Valdez Principles, now Ceres Principles, after the Exxon Valdez Oil spill in 1992, which joined corporate environmental responsibility with corporate bottom line. His conscience for environment was a drive factor for him.

Whilst at Aveda he introduced an industry first, an aerosol hairspray with net-zero effect on the Earth´s climate with an award winning low 35% VOC formula. In addition to this Aveda helps fund wind turbines and uses renewable energy to run their factories, as well as ties with tribes in Brazil to help replant and grow uruku where deforestation has been a factor.

He sold Aveda in 2003 and remained on the board for a few years. After a while he became concerned that the industry had stagnated and wasn´t utilizing new technologies that would be better for consumers and the product. So with that, he created Intelligent Nutrients, (IN).

´IN is a certified organic, food-grade, non-toxic plant-based hair, skin, body, aroma and lifestyle company with the primary emphasis on using organically grown ingredients´

I could go on and on about this man. For me, he was a true inspiration and is everything a true innovative business person should be. His legacy will go on through the companies he has founded and through the lives he has touched. I might not be ´there´ yet, but I will get back to my roots soon. One step at a time.


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