Aveda Rare Bloom Collection

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 24. Feb 2015

I can't help to look for inspiration from Aveda, it was with them my career started twelve years ago, beachside in Florida.

Their Spring/Summer Collection, entitled Rare Bloom was inspired by the prairie, wildflowers, butterflies, everything nature has to offer.

“Sometimes it's not just about the latest trend – it's about taking a cue from the natural beauty around you," explains Aveda Global Creative Director Antoinette Beenders. “The prairie couldn't have been a more perfect place to shoot this collection, blooming with all kinds of interesting wildflowers and buzzing with bees, butterflies and dragonflies."

- See more at: http://livingaveda.com/prairie-tales/#sthash.wwLtKKJY.dpuf

Despite Antionette's claim not to 'follow trends,' one can't help but notice that their collection is full of them from 2015. I find it interesting that despite being miles apart, ie, Aveda (Minneapolis, USA) and Adam og Eva (Oslo), the parallels between this collection and ours are uncanny. In our current collection, we have The Pixie, a textured short crop, The New Mullet, The Baby Bob, and The Lob, to name a few. It is apparent that these looks are international and here to stay for the 'hair-year' of 2015.


For an apt call tlf 22 60 32 28
Berit xx

Travel Broadens the Mind

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 6. Feb 2015

Three and a half weeks at home in Florida with friends and family does the soul good. Well rested, I am back at Bislett, ready to perform some handy work!

While I was at home, we took a road trip to Spring Hill, on the west coast of Florida. While we were there, we visited Weeki Wachee Preserve, a natural spring, named by the Seminole Indians, meaning 'Little Spring' or 'Winding River.' There you can see 'mermaids' perform an underwater show, and take a boat ride through the springs, where manatees are often spotted. The color of the springs are beautiful, a mix between green, blue and yellow. Stunning.

When Sara was tired of her blonde locks and wanted to do something different, the color of the springs and the mermaids sprung to mind. The result was a few foils with a semipermanent hair color from Directions. I mixed a few in order to get that 'mermaid feel.' She loved it, as I hope you do too. (Oh, and I used a semipermanent gloss over her blonde to give it a more pearl like shine)

On a side note, Weeki Wachee Springs has been the setting for many movies, tv series, and music videos. One of my favourite happens to be by Supergrass, dear friends of a close pal of mine. Well worth taking a look at their video for Low C, they shot it all at Weeki Wachi, and can be summed up as a 5 minute documentary of the Springs.

For an apt, call 22 60 32028 or go to online here!
Berit xx


Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 18. Jul 2014

Hair Stylists should not be left alone...boredom can be detrimental to a stylists hair, however this time I reckon our collective boredom created a pretty sweet outcome!

My husband said I had Sergeant Stripes, my mother said it reminded her of an old Citroen, but with an extra chevron, my coworker said she thought it looked like a Wi-Fi symbol....

I don't mind either way, I love it.


Ine Hoem

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 5. Mar 2014

For those who know me, can testify to the fact that music is beyond important to me. Next to my family, it is what inspires me, lifts me up when I am down, or perhaps keeps me low when I want to be there.

My colleague Solveig is the same. She is a festival junkie and goes to any concert she can. She recently saw Ine Hoem play at by:Larm, a festival dedicated to artists on the verge of success here in Norway or Internationally. Put it to you lightly, what she saw, she liked, and upon coming back to the salon a few days later, she put Ine's music on Spotify for all of us to hear.

To my delight, I loved it. More than loved it. My toes were tapping, arms swaying...(which isn't perhaps the best thing to do whilst you are trying to do someone's hair) nonetheless it was great. Here is the irony, Ine is my third cousin. Am I biased because of our familiar ties? No. We have never met. Her brother and father I know well, but our lives have yet to cross. I hope we do someday.

Until then, I shall listen to her voice and enjoy the positive energy that her fills her music.

Check her out at by:Larm's page why don't you?

Yellow Inspiration

Postet av Berit Torkildsen den 25. Feb 2014

I'm missing my vibrant hair colour...

After searching the web, (my favourite spot, Pinterest) I found a few looks that are definitly my style. 

Brig Van Osten (known for Shear Genius), rocks bright yellow in a classic way with soft locks. (Near bottom)

Or perhaps just a peek-a-boo of colour is enough?? The all over black with a few blocks of colour is an easy way to try something 'crazy' without going all out.

Are you the daring type? Call Bislett and ask for Berit, I am waiting...

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